The Magic of Fabric

Art Quilts by Leela Cherian

About The Artist

Leela Cherian has been quilting since 1980. Leela has had two solo exhibitions in India, at the Mahua Art Gallery in Bangalore (2010, 2013). She has had two solo exhibitions in the United States, at the Creative Partners Gallery in Bethesda, MD (2001, 2005) and two solo exhibitions in Kuwait, at the Kuwait Formative Arts Gallery (1996, 1999). Leela was part of a group of five quilt artists exhibiting at the McCrillis Gardens Gallery in Bethesda, MD, for five consecutive years (1999 – 2003). Her work has been published in Quilter's Newsletter (December 1990), American Quilter (Summer 1995) and World of Embroidery (March 1999, published by the Embroiderer's Guild of UK). Leela appeared on the HGTV show Simply Quilts (with Alex Anderson) to demonstrate one of her techniques (2001). Her quilt Two Pots was chosen for the Lark Books publication 500 Art Quilts – An Inspiring Collection of Contemporary Work (2010), and her work is held in several private collections throughout the world. Leela and her husband live in Bangalore, India.






56” x 36”


Hand dyed and commercial cottons, mixed fabrics, laces, trims

Soft edge appliqué, machine quilting, embellishments

Artist's Statement

What I love most about textile art is the medium itself – the fabrics and threads available in such a glorious range of color and texture, luster and weave. I am enthralled by the magic of a pale glimmering sheer, the heavy soft richness of a bottle green velvet, the earthiness of coarse hand woven cotton. My fabric collection ranges from cottons and silks through all kinds of glitzy, gauzy sheers, laces, brocades and metallics. This provides me with an unlimited tactile palette of color, which I doubt any other medium could offer. Cutting, layering, manipulating, or embellishing this fabric medium to convey images and moods is a joyful and continually exciting challenge. My inspiration comes from many sources, and I am constantly mentally rendering into fabric, thoughts and images that capture my imagination. I do not want to be bound to explore one theme or one technique as what I am exploring is this medium of fabric for me it offers the challenge, becomes the message, and is the reward.

Bling Bird




20” x 22”


Mixed media

Hand and machine embroidery

Commissioning a Quilt

You can commission your own piece of The Magic of Fabric. Feel free to ask for a subject or style of your choice, as well as a color palette. Many of the quilts Leela does are commissioned by buyers who have seen her work and have specific requests. Commissioned pieces ordered off the website will be similar but not identical to the ones on the website. Please be aware that all commissioned pieces must be purchased. Depending on their size and complexity, Leela's pieces range in price from $150 to $4000. The prices listed on this website do not include framing.





47” x 37”


Hand dyed and commercial cottons

Soft edge appliqué, painting, machine embroidery and quilting, beading

Contact Information



Phone Number, India:

Leela Cherian:                  (91) 80 25631618


Phone number, United States:

Anna Shah (Daughter):   (301) 530 – 2301

Village by the River




21” x 22”


Hand dyed and commercial cottons

Machine piecing and quilting